About Us

Our clinic which was established in Side-Manavgat in 2014 offers health, comfort and aesthetics simultaneously to its patients.

Side-Manavgat is known and loved for its sunny climate, long beaches, friendly people and natural beauties. You can both spend your holiday and receive dental treatment without any problems in Side. Our medical doctors, graduates of universities in Turkey that make a difference, are registered to Turkish Dental Association. It should also be noted that they are well trained and skilled in various fields of dentistry and can speak English fluently.

It is possible to communicate without any language barriers during examination and treatment thanks to English, German and Russian speaking personnel at our clinic.

Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance for us. We do our best to provide the best services and offer a transparent treatment plan. You will be informed about the duration, potential complications and the price of a treatment in a transparent manner prior to treatment.

We are looking forward to welcome you in our clinic.

Please contact us for more information.